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Our Wine Mailbox Program brings you a bottle of wine every month in your very own PUBLIC bronze mailbox. Each artisanal wine from Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe, is hand-selected by Chef Brad Farmerie for your enjoyment. Brad will include personal tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, recipes, and sometimes, imported foodstuffs or PUBLIC kitchen creations. And, of course, you’ll receive invitations to PUBLIC special events and private tastings. We also do our best to accommodate last minute and special reservations for our mailbox members.


+ $50 per month

+ Available as a 3-month gift membership ($150), a yearly membership ($600), or an ongoing membership ($50/month)

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Quartz Reef – Brut Rosé
NV Central Otago, New Zealand

The Tale: Humans have trekked far and wide around the globe for food and shelter, safety and liberty, as well as for opportunity and adventure. Throughout the 19th century waves of folks moved across continents and even oceans in search of riches. El Dorado in California as well as Great Western, Beechworth and Bendigo in Victoria, Australia saw tens of thousands stream in to find the Mother Lode. However, like most gold rushes, few struck it rich besides the extraordinarily lucky and those that provided local amenities.

After many had chased their fortune in the American West Coast, plundered through the earth in kilometers of tunnels in Great Western, many chased the latest gilded discovery to the Otago region of New Zealand. But like before, within a decade the gold was inaccessible to the layman and they were left in a new surroundings that often were quite thirsty. While Great Western’s tunnels made perfect maturing caves for a strong sparkling wine industry and El Dorado quickly became one of California’s largest wine producers, it took a mere century and a half for Otago to be seat of New Zealand’s most exciting region for wine.

Our featured producer this month was named for the gold-bearing mineral deposit that is most plentiful in the middle of the Otago District and directly beneath its plentiful vines. The man behind the wines, Rudi Bauer, most notably cut his teeth as viticulturist and winemaker at nearby Rippon for three years and worked a vintage at the venerable Méo-Camuzet in Burgundy. He continues the cultivation of his vines at Quartz Reef under biodynamic principles and focuses on making some of the region’s best Pinot Noir. At PUBLIC, we are HUGE fans of his range of wines, which also includes three fantastic and serious sparkling wines. As the summer heats up and with bubbles always being in season, we thought his newly-arrived rosé would be a delicious addition. Perhaps Central Otago’s new economic boom is more than just a silver lining.

The Facts:
Varietals: Single vineyard Pinot Noir for rosé
Primary Ferment: Indigenous yeast in stainless steel
Secondary Ferment: Traditional Method
Hands: Hand-picked fruit, hand-riddled bottles
Sur Latte: Over 24 months
Dosage: 5g/L

The Flavo(u)r: This fully sparkling wine is dry with delicious fruit, but a more complex aromatic package. There are notes of cherry blossoms, fresh strawberries and fuzzy peach skin. The intrigue comes with its great array of non-fruits and mineral texture. Roasted herbs, fresh arugula, a lifted yeastiness and cracked granite. These are all surrounded with a deft texture and driven by persistent acidity.

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