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Our Wine Mailbox Program brings you a bottle of wine every month in your very own PUBLIC bronze mailbox. Each artisanal wine from Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe, is hand-selected by Chef Brad Farmerie for your enjoyment. Brad will include personal tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, recipes, and sometimes, imported foodstuffs or PUBLIC kitchen creations. And, of course, you’ll receive invitations to PUBLIC special events and private tastings. We also do our best to accommodate last minute and special reservations for our mailbox members.


+ $50 per month

+ Available as a 3-month gift membership ($150), a yearly membership ($600), or an ongoing membership ($50/month)

+ Limited availability


For more information on the program, please contact David Leisk at or 212-343-7011.



Foster e Rocco – Rosé 2013
Heathcote, Victoria

The Tale: Summers in the city require many tools to keep cool. Your local bodega conveniently stocks the
familiar treats like ice cream, iced coffee and ice-cold beer, but at PUBLIC we are fond of another refresher: the pink stuff. Although much of America was weaned on sweet white zinfandel as our blush wine of choice, we are quickly learning the delights of dry rosé. These wines are often remarked on for their variety of evocative colors. They can deliver all the crisp and refreshing enjoyment of white wines, but with an added aromatic and textural layer created by the short time in contact with the grape skins that also color them. Mediterranean France produces some of the most acclaimed examples worldwide; rosés have been produced here for over two millennia. As America increasingly chooses to ‘Think Pink’, the wines from Provence in particular have seen their consumption increase 13-fold. However, at PUBLIC we tend to look further abroad to Australia and New Zealand, who aren’t particularly known for their production of rosé. Kiwi rosés are unicorns in the States and most Aussie blush is juicy, fruity and sometimes nearly sweet. There are an increasing amount of producers though, who are creating sculpted, balanced and refreshing rosé; we are excited to share one of Australia’s few top examples to reach our shores. Foster e Rocco was founded by two veteran sommeliers from Victoria, Australia who wanted to share wines that are honest and very compatible at the table. They are based in Heathcote, VIC and among a small, but growing group of producers committing to alternate varieties, such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Albarino/Savagnin, Tempranillo and Zinfandel in Australia. This duo chooses to showcase Sangiovese. The production methods are more traditional, leaning towards long spontaneous fermentations and aging in seasoned oak barrels (even for their rosé!). This wine also comes from a single site dedicated to rosé production and is not the byproduct of red wine production, i.e. saignée. We found this superb Aussie rosé months ago, as their land sizzled and ours iced over. But now the time is right to beat the heat with a glass of the pink stuff.

The Facts:
Varietal: Sangiovese
Vineyard: Greenstone vineyard, grown for rosé
Fermentation: Wild ferment in old barrels, ~160 days
Maturation: Old French oak with lees stirring
Additions: Nothing but very low sulphur

The Flavo(u)r: This rosé is bone-dry with fuller texture and a great balance of fruit and savory
characters. The nose shows richer fruits like ripe strawberries and brandied cherries, but also rose petals and exotic spice. Though a bit luxurious, it keeps fresh with balanced acidity and textured minerality. Not just for summer and very food-worthy.

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